About Us

Kelly’s Loving Hands was named for Myrtle Denton Kelly, a long-time resident of Chicago by way of Grenada, Mississippi who dedicated her life to educating and mentoring neighborhood youth in her community. One particular issue that Ms. Kelly stressed to young people was fiscal management - Ms. Kelly worked tirelessly to educate youth about the importance of economic self-sufficiency and strove to help them develop the tools that would lead them towards financial independence.

Founded in 2002, KLH was established by Ms. Kelly’s grandson, Anthony Laurent. The original purpose of the organization was to provide college tuition for high achieving minority students. After identifying an excellent opportunity to teach youth to “do for themselves” by creating savings accounts and applying for student loans, KLH decided to formalize classes designed to train youth about money and how to accumulate it. A basic curriculum was established and classes began. KLH was incorporated and granted 501 (c)(3) status in 2003.
Myrtle Denton Kelly

Visiting the floor of the New York Stock Exchange



We have assumed the civic duty and responsibility to share knowledge and provide opportunities for others to attain financial independence – a notion that we stress through our work.  At Kelly’s Loving Hands, we believe that promoting economic self-sufficiency in under-served communities is a critical step towards empowering disadvantaged youth with tools for understanding money on a very rudimentary level.  Our goal is to create a cadre of young people with the critical fiscal management skills and tools that will, in turn, equip them to become economically self-reliant and self-sufficient adults.